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What would you like Electro to quote? Electrical Services Shift Cover Industrial lighting Which kind of Electrical Services would you like? Industrial Commercial Domestic Shift cover Manufacture Dairy Plastics Abattoir Street lighting Park lighting Car parking Foot parth lighting Does this part serve a function?NOYESDoes the part have a new form?NOYESCan the part be kept secret forever?NOYESIs the part 2-D or 3-D?2-D3-DTRADE MARKSProtects brands in the form of logo, name slogan, sound, colour, smell.LEARN MOREIP PROTECTION UNLIKELYIt is unlikely you need IP protection, but please get in contact with us if you are unsure.GET IN TOUCHTRADE SECRETProtects know-how, confidential information and trade secrets.LEARN MOREPATENTProtects ideas and concepts embodied in products, formulations and processes.LEARN MOREREGISTERED DESIGNProtects the 3-D shape of a product and some2-D designs such as the pattern on textiles.LEARN MORECOPYRIGHTProtects the expression of an idea but not the idea itself eg, art, film, music, writing.LEARN MORE